Our Rules

Our friendly staff are always willing to help out new guests! Let us know it’s your first time, so we can let you know how things work and give you a tour of our space! As well we recommend reading this article if it is your first time visiting a bathhouse.

When checking in decide if you want a room or a locker. A locker provides you a space to change into your towel and lock up your belongings. You will have less privacy with a Locker. We have single and double rooms available, as well as David’s room which is our largest room and includes extra pillows, a TV and DVD player.

Your host will hand you a lock or key for your room or locker, a towel, a condom and a checkout slip which you will be required to return in order to get your key deposit back.

Upon Check In feel free to explore the space. We have a coffee bar (No nudity in this area please as it is a food service area) wet steam room, a porno lounge and open showers on the main floor and private showers a hot tub, porno lounge and glory holes on the lower level. It is a big space take your time to walk around and orientate yourself.

Anything goes, but most of the talking is done in Private Rooms or porno lounges or hallways.

Have a good and safe time and if you have any questions just ask the front desk attendant and they will be happy to help in any way.


You must provide photo identification and pay a membership fee to get a membership. Your identification will be used as your membership card. If you do not want your identification as your membership card we can provide you with a paper card that will be your membership, however you must provide identification each time you visit the establishment. All membership information is strictly confidential and no personal information will be recorded or accessible by anyone.

We have Lockers, Private Rooms, Steam Room, Hot Tub, Showers, 2 porn lounges, Glory Holes, and kink play area. 

Everyday is completely different with how busy it may be, but there is usually someone always there. 

Evenings, and weekends have grown in popularity

Our Policy for all members is that you must have M or X under gender on your identification and we ask that you be Masc presenting when you check in.

No, there is not a dress code.

Just be fully dressed when coming to check in and if need to leave for a smoke, food, or a drink at the bar you must be fully dressed when doing those.